How do I create a PixelMe retargeting link?
Making your first PixelMe shortened link
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After adding at least one retargeting Pixel into your PixelMe account, visit your Audience Builder dashboard.Β 

In the top right corner, select the 'Create a redirect' button. Add your destination URL, edit your UTM settings as required, and don't forget to add it to a folder to make it easier to find later. Now, select the pixel(s) you'd like to have in your link. If you have a custom domain set up, you can select that as well.

You're ready to 'Save your Link' and use your first PixelMe shortened link! πŸ’₯Β 

Alternatively, you can watch the following video tutorial (note: this video was created before we added Smart Attribution. All the following features are in the Audience Builder section now):

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