If you're already using Segment, you can skip the process of adding your tracking code to your pages and events! We’ll automatically be able to use Segment’s page and track events to populate your PixelMe dashboard. Then, you can decide which events you’d like to have displayed in your dashboard. With Segment’s ‘identify’ feature, you’ll also be able to easily transfer user data into PixelMe, so you know exactly who is performing which actions on your page.

How to connect Segment.com

  1. From your Segment UI’s Destinations page click on “Add Destination”.
  2. Search for “PixelMe” within the Destinations Catalog and confirm the Source you’d like to connect to.
  3. Drop in the “API Key” into your Segment Settings UI which you can directly copy-paste from your PixelMe dashboard.
  4. To find the API Key, go to Smart Attribution > Settings > Integrations

Verify your connection

You will shortly, depending on your traffic, see visitors, new UTMs, and segment tracked events as conversion events.

Note: if you haven't been using UTMs in your links so far, you won't see any data when you create UTM based segments in your dashboard. Please add UTMs to any links leading to your website from now on, so you can filter your data. You can find out more about using UTMs here.

That's all! You should now be seeing all your data. Feel free to visit 'Settings' -> 'Manage events' if you'd like to change the named of events or toggle the visiblity. 

Enjoy PixelMe's Smart Attribution 🙌 

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