Amazon Attribution is the feature to track conversions for all Amazon sellers and savvy marketers willing to do attribution with Amazon.

Here are 3 main advantages of using Amazon Attribution from PixelMe =

1/ In your PixelMe dashboard, you can create super easily your Attribution Link: PixelMe automatically adds attribution parameters into the URL.

2/ You can have all advantages of your PixelMe dashboard and plus the Attribution from Amazon. For instance, you can track conversions from each campaign and classify them in folders and subfolders…

3/ Finally you can create your retargeting audiences on Facebook or so, based on conversions you succeed to track from your Amazon page!

Step 1: Log in with your Amazon account from PixelMe

  • Here is your friendly Amazon page on your PixelMe dashboard. Please press the Login button!

  • You can identify with your Amazon login and keyword. Sorry the screen is in french 👼

  • In the first tab, you can see the procedure “how it works?” if you need it.

  • On the second tab “Attribution account”, you can see if your account is connected.

FYI: Data from Amazon side takes up to 48h to display. PixelMe can’t speed up the process.

Step 2: Create your Amazon short link

  • Once your Amazon account is well connected, you are ready to create your first link. As for all your PixelMe’s links, click on “Create a link”.

  • At the end of the creation process, you can see the “Amazon attribution tag” with the auto-tagging mark. Please check if this is well activated. When you enter your destination URL, PixelMe will automatically add attribution parameters to your URL.

FYI: Please don’t edit those attribution parameters.

Your Amazon Link is well set up, you just need to shorten it!

Step 3: Track Amazon conversions in your PixelMe Dashboard!

As you can see on the screenshot below, your PixelMe Dashboard is identical but with 4 new columns. There are identified with the Amazon yellow color: Pageview, Add to cart, Purchases, and ROAS.

This is attribution data collected directly from your Amazon page.

Here it is! It is up to you to track now 😊

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